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Due to the nature of our products, we can't accept returns. However, we want to always ensure the satisfaction of our customers and clients.
If you have received a damaged or broken item please email within 5 days of delivery with a photo of the defective item(s). Upon receipt, we will mail you a replacement item.


All of our products are hand poured using natural ingredients. Soy wax can appear porous or uneven after burning, so occasional variations may occur. These variations do not affect the product, and are not a defect or damage. 
Temperature variations can cause what are called "wet spots" on pure soy candles. Not actually wet, they are areas where the adhesion of the wax and glass is not fully complete. These spots do not affect the performance or integrity of your candle.


The Napa Valley is a very special place. The wines are some of the finest in the world, it’s a culinary and vacation destination, the views and natural beauty are breathtaking; it’s an extraordinarily beautiful place. It’s that wine, food, and beauty that inspires the wine country lifestyle, and the Napa Scents collection of soy candles.


Made in the heart of Napa Valley, every candle is hand poured using only the finest quality ingredients.
Napa Scents™ is proud to be environmentally friendly, from our renewable soy candles and cotton wicks to reduced shipping cartons and materials. All in an effort to reduce the impact to the environment.


Fill your space with fragrance while keeping the toxins out.


How do you burn a Soy Candle?


Soy candles are different than other candles. Soy wax is softer than other waxes and requires special treatment. Because it is so soft, soy should be used in close fitting containers. For floating candles, the water itself serves as the container.

The first time you light a soy candle sets the stage for the life of that candle. Soy wax has a melting memory, and requires that you let the entire surface liquefy, or pool, to ensure even burning. If a soy candle is 3 inches in diameter, yet only 1 inch across melts when first lit, the wax won’t melt outside of that 1 inch pool during subsequent lightings, causing “tunneling” when burnt, and can make the candle hard to keep lit. We recommend extinguishing the candle when the pool gets over ½ inch deep to extend the life.


Do you offer custom Candles?


We have created custom candles in the past for our clients. Please call me or send an email and we can disucss creating the perfect candle.

Why Soy?


Soy is:
Non toxic
Clean burning
Burns longer
Grown in the U.S.A.


What are your delivery options?


We ship Priority Mail via USPS, and also offer free local delivery in the Napa Valley on orders over $75.

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